School’s Finished!

Dear Reader,

I made it! I made it! The semester is over and I survived. It was definitely a hard semester, even with only 15 credit hours. Life goes fast and college… goes even faster. I cannot believe I just finished my junior year at Ball State University. I will not be leaving BSU this summer. Instead, I will be on campus to work and take two online classes. This will be the first time I will be taking online classes, which I am both excited and nervous about. I’m excited because these two online classes with be for my minor in social work and will bring me one more step closer to graduation in December. They make me nervous because it’s a new experience and it will be my responsibility to make sure I “go to class.”
Other plans for this summer include weddings, my birthday, practice playing the guitar, travel, and work outs. I’m so excited for the weddings I will be attending this summer. They are all going to be so beautiful. I will be a bridesmaid in one of them. Our dresses are a watermelon pink color. They are long with a silk ribbon around the waist. I’ll try and put pictures up but it won’t be until late July. Gosh, it feels like everyone I know is getting married this summer. Marriage is so exciting. It’s hard work I’m bet but it’s still an exciting moment in a person’s life. When people are getting married I like to ask family members for any advice they have for the couple getting married. What would you say? What is the key to making a marriage work? It is always interesting the answers I get but I think the best response I have gotten was from the mother of the bride. Her name was Cindy. Cindy said, “Forgiveness. Forgiveness is so vital to making a marriage work.” So forgiveness is good but what else is important to making a marriage successful? I’ll pass along the advice to my friend! 🙂

Talking about important, how about my birthday coming up! That is something that is very important. I will be celebrating the day I was born and given a chance at this wonderful life! I will actually be at a wedding on my birthday but that’ll be fun. I know it’s my day and I’m thankful for that! As of now I don’t have any plans for the day, I’m just going with the flow. Oh, I forgot to mention that it’s my BIG 21st!!! How exciting? I mean I won’t be drinking because I have never drank and really don’t have a desire to start now that I’ve reached a specific age. I feel like the 21st birthday is like saying, “No going back now champ. You’re an adult. Responsibility, bills and obligations here I come full speed ahead!”

Practicing the guitar… well I just got a guitar for Christmas and I’m still learning. I’m definitely no Jimi Hendrix BUT I’m getting there. (haha!) I’m just kidding… but seriously I really do want to get better so I’ll let you know if I’ve progressed at the end of the summer.

Traveling for me this summer might consist of Ohio, Colorado, and general areas in Indiana. I’ll be sure to let you know if I go anywhere overwhelmingly exciting and be sure to include full documentation about my adventures, along with pictures and hilarious stories too.

Last, I will be working out a lot more this summer. I will begin training for a mini marathon shortly, which is 13.1 miles. Wish me luck. I’ll be sure to tell you all about the grueling hour and a half runs and give detailed descriptions about the blisters I’m afraid I will most likely be getting on my feet. (I most likely will not really give you descriptions unless you ask because I want all of you to believe I am like super woman and feel no pain – written with a smirk).

My summer will be busy but I am really looking forward to all my plans and taking summer classes too, of course!

Enjoy your week and I’ll talk to you soon then.

Sally P.

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