Gobble Gobble

Hello all.

I haven’t blogged for awhile, so I’ll give you a little insight to what I’m up to. This semester has really flown by, and now with only three weeks left after our Thanksgiving Break, I feel like I’m running out of time to get things done.

I’m studying in Italy in the spring, and the paperwork just keeps on coming. What was really dissappointing was that the Italian government changed the visa policies on us-students can no longer stay to travel after our program ends in Italy or in any Schengen country. Schengen countries include most West European countries, except for Romania, Croatia, the UK, and I think Bulgaria? Anyway, supposedly they did this because the United States is making it very difficult to for foreign students to come here and study, so Europeans are doing the same. My mom said our CIA was over there and ticked them off. Great. It’s all politics. And for the first time, it’s personally affecting me.

My parents and I decided that I would fly to England and meet them there. That way I can still travel without being an illegal immigrant. Perfectly fine with me! I’ve always wanted to see England.

Besides my full time job of organizing my trip next semester, I’ve been juggling classes and work and other things. I actually got the swine flu vaccine Saturday. They were offering it at Worthen Arena during the basketball game. Go Cards! The whole process took maybe 10 minutes. That’s how easy it was. I was skeptical about the vaccine when it came out, plus I didn’t want to risk getting sick from it but I just got the injection, which was the killed version. What turned me around was that my room mate and her twin both got it and didn’t get sick. The nurses also told me when I was there that it would help me get through customs quicker if I was traveling soon-which I am! Great! Bring on the vaccines.

Very excited for Thanksgiving Break! I hope you all have a good one and enjoy spending time with family and friends!

Gobble Gobble.



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