An attempt… a FAIL

Ok, ok, ok I didn’t fail but I didn’t exactly complete what I set up to do.  Think feathers. Think beak. Think Chirp Chirp. What figure defines Ball State University? You guessed it –well I hope you did at least- Charlie Cardinal. I planned on trying out for Charlie Cardinal. Before I get into the logistics of the try-outs, costume, and commitment I’d like to tell you about me. I am a 5’5 lady with chin length dirty blonde hair, piercing baby blue eyes, and a spunky personality. I was told my many people that being Charlie Cardinal was the job for me. Although I would’ve much rather invented a girlfriend for Charlie Cardinal and be her (or Claire as I’d like to have named her) but I guess a newbies can’t really change tradition huh!? Therefore, tryouts for Charlie would have to do.

INFORMATIONAL MEETING. There were about 20 students who showed up at Worthen Arena eager to hear the requirements to become Charlie Cardinal and the Chirp Crew. The requirements were mostly common sense stuff (I.e. must be Ball State student, have a minim GPA of 2.0- I think, and have a fun personality.)

TRY-OUTS. Try-outs would follow the next day. Every participant choosing to try-out would pick a number which would decide your position in line for routines. I forgot to mention earlier that students would need to put together a 1 minute dance routine with the BSU fight song as music. And you would perform in the costume in front of the judges, which included other current Charlie Cardinals and also Chirp Crew employees. **Disclaimer: some event possibly could have changed.

MY PERSONAL TRY-OUT… never happened. After the informational meeting I decided that being Charlie Cardinal was a HUGE commitment that at this time I couldn’t make. Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to be Charlie (or my secret name- Claire) Cardinal but my class, work and prior commitment schedule just wouldn’t have allowed me to.

So an attempt but very far from a fail because I did learn a valuable lesson through the process…Charlie Cardinal is the personality of Ball State University, but he isn’t the only face. I am a student here & can represent BSU too. When I wear BSU sweatshirts, baseball hats, or say I attend BSU I am actually giving a face to Ball State University. How does that face look? Am I showing people how great BSU is when I speak, think, and act? It is a concept to think about. Who am I to Ball State University and what is Ball State to me?

Bleeding Cardinal pride and chirping all the rest of my days!


Sally Prosen

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