School then retirement, no downtime!

So this blog goes out to the alumni… I have a urgent question for you that I sincerely need answered, for my sanity please. OK, the question is (drum roll please)… Does life get easier after college?

(sigh) There it is. Man oh man I feel better since I’ve finally asked someone else whos been through what I’ve been through… I won’t have any classes so that’s good huh? Yeah? I’ll have to work though won’t I? Yeah that’s where I get caught up because I’ve just heard from a lot of people that working isn’t alway so fun.


Well you know I was thinking about the idea of just not doing the whole “working thing”… yeah I just want to skip some steps and immediately go into retirement! That sounds like a wonderful idea doesn’t it? If I were retired right now I think I would try accomplishing some of the many items on my bucket list, such as… 1.) Go to a fish market in the very morning in New York 2.) spend an entire day in bed – not because I’m sick either 3.) donate $300.00 to a cause that my heart beats for 4.) see an elephant in Africa 5.) have a family of my own.

You see, don’t all those bucket list goals sound much more fun than work?… They do but I must share with you something my Mom just recently taught my younger sister, Megan. Megan, 15, is taking a college credit class in our hometown. After her first day, she came home and made it very clear to my mother when the last day was to drop the class was. My mom then explained to Megan that “hard work isn’t always fun but hard work pays off.”

So even though I’d rather skip to retirement after graduation, I’m afraid that’s not the best idea (I’m also sure that wouldn’t fly with Mom either.)

But goodness that’d be fun… retirement right after graduation or atleast a year to do whatever you wanted without having to worry about money. A year long vacation from life would be the BEST graduation gift ever!!!

But life’s not like … you knew all this already didn’t you? Yeah I figured… well as for me I just realized that I’m have to work hard, really hard. And when I’m struggling having the deisre to wokr hard, I’ll pick myself up, dust off, and keep keepin’ on.

In other words, I won’t stop daydream about the marvelous places I could go but I will keep working hard to get to those marvelous place I want to be! successHere is 21 suggestions for success by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.. Brown is an American author who wrote Life’s Little Instruction Book which was a New York Times bestseller.

This cardinal will keep soaring and hopefully you’ll consider soaring higher,

Sally Prosen

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