Back and refreshed

It is the first day of classes. Some students arrive in new shoes or clothes while some have changed their outward appearance by having a tan or getting a new hairstyle. Everyone looks so different. When we get down to it though, we’re all students at Ball State University trying to get an education. And speaking about getting an education, I had a whopping two classes today. I had Political Science & Spanish 202. And being that it is the first day of classes while some students are dreading a new semester, others are entertaining the idea of a fresh start – I fall in the latter of the two categories. I must admit that I do like school, as nerdy as that sounds.

My summer was wonderful, life-changing actually but I’m excited to get back into a rhythm of going to class, working, and spending long nights “relaxing” on a Mac at Bracken Library. I use the word “relaxing” because, for me, it is a more pleasant way of saying I’m doing tons of homework. I must also admit that I am somewhat nervous about the semester. I am taking a Spanish class, like I said earlier, where my teacher speaks completely in Spanish. I know what you are thinking, “well its Spanish class isn’t that what you are supposed to do?” Yeah we are supposed to speak Spanish, but there are times I had no idea what she was talking about. So this class is going to take a lot of work but instead of complaining I’m going take the advice from a friend, “look at every opportunity as just that, an opportunity.” Looking at Spanish 202 I’m have the opportunity to take this course. I get to take a class other students don’t have the opportunity to take. This is a blessing and I will have to remind myself of that continuously throughout this semester.

I know that this tidbit of advice isn’t a monumental discovery but I hope that you remember that thought some time during your day today. Maybe today this concept of “having the opportunity” will pop to mind when you complain about taking your kids to school, you grumble about cooking dinner, you get frustrated that the T.V. doesn’t work. Remember, you have the opportunity to life, make the most out of it. You know how the saying goes, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” So what are you going to do today? Take advantage of the opportunity you’ve been presented or let it pass you by?

I’m not mentioning all of this to make you feel guilty, that is not my intent. My intent is that you may realize, like I have, that focusing on the negatives aren’t going to get you anywhere; therefore, focus on encouraging parts of your unpleasant situation because once you do you’ll notice that bad situation doesn’t last as long.

Chirp Chirp,

Sally Prosen

“As each day comes to us refreshed and anew, so does my gratitude renew itself daily.  The breaking of the sun over the horizon is my grateful heart dawning upon a blessed world.”  Author Adabella Radici

Ps. I’ll have to let you know at the end of the semester how much I applied my own advice this semester!

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  1. It seems just like yesterday that I was walking around the campus in Muncie even though I graduated in the early 80’s.

    I hope to make it back some day after reading so much about it. I probably would not recognize it. I was on the Daily News in the Sports Department. I wish we the excitement generated by the football team and other teams would have been a staple at that time.

    Now, I use that experience from Professor Conn and others to help me edit, write and take pictures for the website that covers high school sports.

    The pick’em contest is great. You can read all about the first week on the homepage. I hope to see your entry this week.

  2. Sally,

    You’ve done an excellent job with all the blogging! Laura asked me to blog this morning for the first time. I don’t know what to write about, so I will get my warm up by replying to your posts.

    I wanted to tell you a little about Spanish 202 (I took it in the Spring-09). I agree with you that we should be happy that we get the opportunity to even choose these classes. However, I’m going to warn you I didn’t end up doing so hot in that class. I almost wish I had dropped it and I had four years of Spanish in high school…Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you will pull through just fine because you seem very motivated. I’d just like to give you some advice.

    Since you have to do Second Life I’m assuming you have the same professor as I did.

    Numero Uno: Don’t take Second Life lightly. It can get really frustrating, especially when your friends don’t show up. I reccommend simultaneously communicating on Facebook or via another instant messenger (en ingles) to be sure you are all on the same page. It helps if/when someone gets lost and makes things go so much smoother.

    Numero Dos: Be an over-achiever on the presentation. She does not hand out A’s blindly, to put it lightly. My partner and I ended up bombing the presentation because we waited until the last moment and winged it, thinking we could just read off the notecards we made. You should try to memorize what you’re going to say as much as possible-good luck!

    Numero Tres: Make sure you don’t miss deadline for the excersize/quizzes online! This was where I slipped up. They’re easy enough until you get super busy with-well, the rest of your life-and then oops, you just lost 100 points. It hurts.

    I know I’m assuming you have the same assignments, but I think that particular spanish class is the only one using Second Life. Sorry if I sound somewhat teacher-ish but if it helps you out at all, then I’m happy with lecturing-even if it’s more of a what NOT to do kind of a thing.

    Keep on bloggin’

    Kate Priddy

  3. My dearest Kate,

    What a blessing you are with these tips and hints!

    First things first, I’m so happy you blogged and not only did you blog but you blogged back to me, your fellow student. Thanks so much. You really are great!

    Second, thanks again for all the tips, especially the tip on the presentation. It will be very hard for me but with your encouragement and hints I really feel like I’ll be doing better! I’ll definitely let you know how it goes though.

    Lastly, next time you blog I’d love to hear about some of the classes you are taking and/or struggling with!

    See you next Wednesday

    Chirp Chirp,

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