Getcha graduation on, party people

As the year draws to a lovely close, for many this will be their last week of tests for their college career! But that doesn’t mean life won’t give them a few tests and trials! I’ve realized recently that life is messy and when life gets messy I just need to declare it as so, and then move on. My perfectionism sometimes gets the best of me and while I working on my news project I realized something. Here’s a shocker – there is no such thing as PERFECT! It’s impossible. As I finally finished my project, I just  tried my hardest and quiet freaking out over the small details that I could spend hour after hour fixing, re-fixing and finally just getting frustrated. Life’s not perfect, but that don’t mean we need have to accept it. And so as Ball State bids farewell to some promising students at graduation on May 9, 2009 I’d like to leave graduates with some adivce as they make their trek into the real world… (ehm ehm )

As you go off into the world outside of Frog baby and Happy Friday guy, remember where you came from, Ball State (chirp chirp) You spent a good deal of time here – for some more than they would have liked- but never the less remember the moments, cherish the friends you made and don’t forget Muncie, IN (I mean, hellooo, how could you?) And then secondly,  always try your hardest. Don’t give up. Others won’t hold you up, they might encourage you but you have to be your own source of motivation most of the time!  Also, be deaf to people’s negativity, it’ll get you down. But with that said, realize when thier criticism could benefit you in a postive way. Lastly, send thank you cards whenever you can to who ever you can. Let the people in your life know that you are happy to have them in it! Relationship are far more valuable than any job, boat or… well.. well anything! 

I’m sure there are a ton more words of wisdom to grace you with but there is limited amout of space. I wish you best of luck with your future though. And don’t forget, remember where you came from- BSU! Keep bleeding red cardinal pride! Heck, cardinals are the most fierce mid-size birds!

God bless,

Sally Prosen

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