From student to Alumni

Tdombrosky EngagementOne paper, one project, one report, one interview. That’s all I have, one interview. After all of those applications. Now all my eggs are in one basket, and that makes me so much more nervous. If something else were going to come along, I wish it would come sometime before Thursday so I could take some pressure off of this. Until then I will squirm. After it’s over, (which won’t be long) I will just have to wait. On that note, I have to say that (barring some strange twist of events where I end up, at the last minute, going to grad school at the CAP Indy center and somehow work for the Alumni Association remotely) this is my last blog post. I will be going through commencement on Saturday and will no longer be a student at Ball State University. Instead I will be an Alumnus. I will be moving on and reading this blog, continued by my replacement. I will be participating in Alumni activities whether I live here in Indiana or halfway across the country. I truly appreciate what this school has done for me. I have to say that I have enjoyed my time here. I would recommend the school to any and all who find an interest in one the many disciplines taught here. I would tell them to get involved and take advantage. I would tell them to enjoy themselves but push themselves. I would advise an open mind and motivation to learn everything you can, not just here, but everywhere and always. -Tim

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