St.A.R.T recruitment time! WOOT,WOOT!

We are anxious to get some new members on our team to join as at the football table Wednesday mornings! (We hold meetings every other Wednesday morning.)  Applications are available online at  They are due Thursday, October 23, 2008.  Interviews will be held soon after on Monday and Tuesday, October 27-28. Don’t let the interview throw you for a loop, it’s really casual and just lets us get an idea of you, your personality, your likes and dislikes, family life, hobbies, and favorite breakfast food.

You may be thinking, “What in the world is St.A.R.T?”  This student team in summary is AMAZING!  But I suppose if you want more detail I can give supply you with that.  St.A.R.T helps plan and work at alumni events for our Ball State alum.  This year I have worked many pre-game rallies before our football games.  It’s a great way to network and meet new people while simply helping people sign in, eating some tasty free food, and putting cardinal tatoos on the guests.  We participated in many homecoming events including the bed races, the banner competition, and the parade.  St.A.R.T is also responsible for those fun goody boxes someone who loves you sends you before exams, and for planning the Senior Congrats party at the end of the year.

The Student Alumni Relations Team also participates in a lot of off campus activites too.  Last year I volunteered to work the Ball State Alumni Party at the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis. We had an entertaining ride to the museum followed by a blast of a time walking through the museum after doing our share of work at the event.

The great thing about St.A.R.T is that you are able to get involved in something fun on campus, you can network, participate in fun activites all in the good company of Paul (our president) and the gang!  Please join us for an  interview to “St.A.R.T” your journey on the alumni team.

Meghan DeRoo 10/10/2008

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