Exercising after college

So the days of walking to the campus gym at just about any hour of the day and getting a quick workout in while chatting about what is going on that day/night with your friends are long gone after you walk across the stage and recieve your diploma from Ball State.

Quickly, you learn that after an 8 plus hour work day going to the gym to workout is the last thing on your mind and if you have children any spare time that you did have for yourself is now filled with driving to games, practices and homework.

And just for fun lets add the rising cost in gas and an economic recession. So less time and less money equals you NOT going to the gym to workout. Matter of fact, you may have already terminated your gym membership in order to help cut your costs.

Now maybe you are one of those peoples whom employer has provided a workout factility on the job site. If that is the case then the excuse of cost cannot be used in why you have not been working out. But what about the rest of us? There are numerous articles out there that talk about how to workout on the cheap. Between walking the dog to making your own weights out of canned goods and milk cartons or buying the latest Tae Bo dvd collection you can pretty much get the same workout as you would at the local gym.

But really although all these sugestions are great and could in theory work when was the last you thought “you know what tonight I think I will go for a quick jog or walk with some canned goods and use them as weights.” Or how about the workout DVDs? Ever had a bad day at work come home and pop in Billy Blanks or Richard Simmons and thought you could just beat the smiles off their faces. I mean really when have you ever seen anyone smiling that much when working out? It is like they have no central nervous system.

But what if working out wasn’t dreaded activity but a game? Not like basketball, golf, or raquetball but a video game? What if all you had to do was walk out to your livingroom, bedroom or gameroom turn on your video game system and be able to workout? No Billy Blanks or Richard Simmons cheering you with thier inspirational  words, music, and smiles.

Well there are no more what if’s as  Nintendo Wii has just launched  “Wii Fit” that focuses on physical well-being.The games range from mental self-improvement to weight loss and yoga instruction. In fact, one such game called “My Weight Loss Coach” enables players to upload real walking data into the game.

Another game to hit the market (although it is not billed as a fitness game) is Active Life: Outdoor Challenge. The game touts itself as “a fun and easy way to get off the couch and get hearts pumping,” relies on a pressure senitive floor mat that requires players to run or jump in place on order to control thier onscreen charater. In addition, the charater’s physical appearance is linked to how well you play the game.

Is this the wave of the future or just another gimick that claims to have health benefits? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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