To Stay in School or to enter the “Real World”?

Open up a newspaper, turn on the evening news, click open It is all over the headlines. It is our current economic state, and the outlook does not look very promising. As of April 7, 2008 the U.S economy has lost 232,00 jobs and that is in just the first quarter of 2008. With the rising cost of living and the downward trend in the job market many graduates will be returning back to their parents homes in order to try and pay down some of their college loans and save money so that they at least have a chance of survival in the “real world”.

On the other hand some students will choose to remain in school in order to attain their masters degree. While there are some professions that require graduate degrees even for entry level positions ( for example: psychology) is it a good idea for other soon to be gradutes to stay in school? For example, should business majors continue and get their MBA first before getting any real job experience? Or should communication students continue and get their graduate degrees without any job experience? Or should they all stay and get their graduate degrees while they are young and independent? Are internships enough to compensate for real experience?

Coming from a student (me) who considered going to graduate school right out or undergrad, I am glad I waited. Research shows that most people who graduate higher education rarely get a job in what major they studied in college. I can attest to this statement as I studied journalism in undergrad and upon graduation went right into sports marketing. During my time spent in the sports industry I cannot say I really used any of my journalism skills I honed in my undergrad course work. Now, I always knew I wanted to go back and get my masters degree but in what changed like the wind. I looked into sports administration and then sports marketing then back to sports administration and then I even thought about getting my MBA. I am now 29 and I have left the sports industry. I am currently a full time graduate student in the journalism program here at Ball State.  My advice to the graduating class of 08…go out there experiment with your job choices. Enjoy your 20s and then if you still desire the graduate degree go back. You will be much more marketable with experience (any) and a graduate degree.

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