as a frosh…

oh where do i begin?

transitioning from a high school senior to a college freshman is..well quite an experience. 

The Ball State academic year has been in session for about 3 months and, my gawwsh, they are FLYING by. There is SOO much going on campus everyday..if not going on then its whats all the buzz is about..its almost unreal. maybe i’m just not use to it [dont laugh fourth/fifth years]  so i’m still blown away, but ,man oh man, its crazy around here..and the worst part is.. I LOVE IT.  i’m sure that the fact i’m an CAP first year student doesn’t lighten the load, but i really enjoy its all gravvyyy babbbyyy. 😀

theres been so much that i dont think i can remember it all, but what i do remember most is the Mud Volleyball Tourney, Homecoming Events/Game/Parade, Volleyball game, activities fair, career fairs, move in day, first BSU Football game [yeah the one where the pepsi cans were falling from the sky], late nite, and Minnestrista.

 i have yet to gotten lost around thats really good. just waiting for the day where i get on the wrong MITS bus..and boy i can only imagine. ek.

as only being a frosh, i still have 3 years left and plenties to do/look forward to. there are still the basketball games, the miss ball state pageant, spring break, and, oh of course my favorite..FINALS WEEK. [please hint the sarcasm]. there are so many study abroad trips/opportunities that i’m sooo anxious to do. i’m pretty sure college isn’t going to slow down anytime i better just embrace it while i still can. 😀

sincerely and good day.



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  1. It’s great to hear a Freshman enjoying campus as much as I did my first year in school. You talked about the fact that maybe you’re having so much fun because you’re not used to being on campus yet, but let my tell you, it only gets better! My four years here have been a blur and there has never been a dull moment. The best advice that I could give you is to stay involved (yea St.A.R.T.!!) on campus and meet as many people as you can. Before you know it, it will be impossible to walk down through campus without seeing 20 people that you know. I love this school and I love that there are younger students who are just as excited about what we have going on here as I am!! Keep it up Yung and don’t lose that Cardinal spirit!

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