HOMECOMING 2007. What a blast. This is my third year here at Ball State and for some strange reason, this year’s homecoming was the best by far. No wait-I know why it was the best. This year I was able to work with the Student Alumni Relations Team, I was able to see friends who decided to leave me and graduate last year, I was able to meet and greet new people, speaking with individuals who graduated from Ball State years ago, I was able to put tattoos of Charlie the Cardinal on people, and most of all, I was able to experience all of the campus festivities living off campus, being my first year living on my own in my new apartment. Talk about school spirit- I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED AND SO FULL OF SCHOOL SPIRIT IN MY LIFE. I had everything from homecoming shirts down to Ball State tattoos(washable of course) on my face and hands. I was just happy all week. Personally, I think classes and meetings should actually be canceled during homecoming week. I mean, its only necessary. That way, theres no excuse as to why anyone should miss any activity and event. To sum everything up, I am a proud student of Ball State University and homecoming was another big hit as usual. TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR SCHOOL AND HAVE FUN DOING IT!!!!

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  1. I have to agree, Homecoming 2007 was by far my best Homecoming experience here at Ball State. There was more student participation and there was a great variety of events this year! I do believe their needs to be more excitment and more events added to GAME-DAY! I know that we have the parade and tailgating but I definitely feel the Homecoming Steering Committee should add another event after the game. Possibly a post-game rally?? Just to give students more opportunity to celebrate the Cardinal victory and to really end Homecoming in an exciting way!
    Thanks for a great Homecoming 2007!!


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